Saturday, December 29, 2007
Quartz Composer Patch : Brightness Mapping (RGB)
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SAMPLE: QameraSparklStars2.qtz
This code evaluates each pixel in the mask, extracts the brightness from it, and then adjusts the brightness of the source pixel by the amount of the mask brightness. The input_range value controls the amount of the effect.
kernel vec4 msBlackBrightnessMap(sampler image, sampler mask, float input_range)
float range = clamp(input_range+0.1,0.0,1.0);
float inverse_range = 1.0-range;
float brightness;
vec4 pixel = sample(image, samplerCoord(image));
vec3 maxel = sample(mask, samplerCoord(mask));
brightness = range*dot(maxel,maxel);
brightness += inverse_range;

pixel.r *= brightness;
pixel.g *= brightness;
pixel.b *= brightness;

return clamp(pixel,0.0,1.0);

By : Ms. Black Brightness Mapping (RGB)




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