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Combine PDFs: create rich PDF electronic press kits (EPK's) iTunes LP Booklets and more! Much easier than Automator.

Do you work with PDF documents in a big way? Do you find yourself wanting to combine multiple PDF Documents into one single continuous file, keeping PDF page contents intact? Including hyperlinks and other rich PDF content?

Eliminate repetitive tasks with PDFBatchBuild: an easy, powerful way to combine individual PDF files into a single PDF document.

We did. And so we created PDFBatchBuild -- a tool for batch combining PDF documents. And for extra security, you can use PDFBatchBuild to rasterize PDF artwork, eliminating the underlying vector art completely.

Things you can do with PDFBatchBuild:

  • Build a single long PDF document from a collection of individual PDF files.
  • Rasterize Illustrator artwork as you build into the final file.
  • Keep PDF hypertext links intact: build rich documents.
  • Universal Binary compatible with Tiger and Leopard.


PDFBatchBuild Help


PDFBatchBuild 1.000 is the current version. You can find the latest download here.

Purchase PDFBatchBuild

Purchase a serial number for PDFBatchBuild now in our secure online store.

PDFBatchBuild Tech Support

Be sure to read the ReadMeFirst document for issues pertaining to the current release.
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