Podcasting, screencasting, pencasting and live streaming audio/video camera switcher with 1280x720p 30fps virtual camera output for macOS (10.8 Mountain Lion - 12.2 Monterey). Takes up to 8 camera or screencast grabbers as inputs, performs optional greenscreen removal and color adjustments and creates a new virtual webcam with the switched and "keyed" video. When configured, the VirtualEyez mixer output appears inside QuickTime Player, OBS, Google Chrome, Skype, Safari, etc. as a new virtual camera input. Each video channel has an associated audio source which can be any valid connected device; the device is drift-corrected and can be sent to any output, including the virtual microphone.

Distance Learning and More!

Using the integrated screen-grabbing (screencasting) feature (any window contents can be grabbed as a fake camera input) your personal webcam image can appear live in the same stream with incoming FaceTime, Zoom, WhatsApp and Skype callers.

And you can switch between any available inputs as the output is routed back into another camera app - for example, recording a movie in QuickTime Player.

Using the integrated screen-grabbing, any connected display can be used as a video input source:

Share whiteboards, artwork comps and connect multiple iPhone and iPad devices to a single Mac in a work pod and then merge the feed (as a new camera) into your Zoom session.A great solution for saving broadband bandwidth in resource-constrained environments.

Record your live greenscreen performance directly to YouTube or Facebook Live! Supports Hollywood-grade keying methods: chroma-key matte (arbitrary color removal) and Luma-key (bright and dark region removal).

Free Upgrade with Subscription

For further details, take a look at the VirtualEyez 2.0 datasheet. As an existing customer, you're entitled to upgrade pricing.

VirtualEyez Help

VirtualEyez is very easy to use. Download the disk image and review the short PDF instruction manual.

Update History on Support Blog


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Tech Support

Be sure to read the ReadMeFirst.rtf document for issues pertaining to the current release.
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